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31.12.2000:  D64 Editor Update
Since the 26. December the new Version (0.019) of the D64-Editor is ready for download at!
-Read D64 files, display the directory, move files around the directory, rename files.
-Export files from the D64 into PRG files
-Import files into the D64 with autodetection for P00 files.
-View/Edit the BAM
-View the block chain of files on the D64
-Create new blank D64 files, clean existing D64's
-View and modify blocks on the disk in hex.
-Automatic check for crosslinked files on the D64.
-View the directory using the native c64 font
-SEQ File Viewer using the c64 font
-Option to Drag and Drop D64's onto the main screen to load them

31.12.2000:  New Version of the Wave - Transfertool
WAV-PRG is a program which can transfer files from C64 tapes to PC, and from PC to a C64 tape. You just need a simple audio cable and an ordinary audio tape player-recorder. The new Version is downloadable at Fabrizio Gennari 's Homepage and deals with the following features:
-conversion from WAV and TAP files to PRG, P00, T64
-conversion from PRG, P00, T64 to WAV
-conversion from/to soundcard, without the need of creating WAV files (Linux and Windows 2.2 only)
-conversion from Turbo Tape 64 format to PC
-plug-in architecture, which allows many C64 file formats to be converted to PC, just by writing an appropriate plug-in for each (Windows only)

31.12.2000:  Lemon64 now with a newscorner
The homepage of Lemon64 comes with a 'new' service - a newssection. In this section users can post their own articles and news from the c64 scene.  

31.12.2000:  A Happy New Year..
... your C64Games-team!!!  

31.12.2000:  New update at Magyar Commodore 64 HQ
another day, another update at Magyar Commodore 64 HQ :)) the following games were uploaded:
Dance of the Vampires, Hotel Hell, Fun School 3-4, Fallschrim, Kicker, Wizball, Die Neue Stadt, Tronic and
The latest update to the site includes the addition of several game maps, some docs and the newest D64 Editor. I wish you all a happy new year :)

31.12.2000:  30 new C64-games by The Living Daylights
You will find 30 new C64-games by The Living Daylights. The games are:
Commodore Fussball 2, Eagles, Erik the Viking, Escape from Paradise, Espionage, Eswat, Fire One, Frak!, Futurebike, Galaxian, Galaxy Force, Galdregon´s Domain, Gauntlet - Deeper Dungeons, Gemini Wing, Ghost Hunters, Head to Head Karate, He-Man, Hero Quest, Hobbit, Hook, Howard the Duck, Hudson Hawk, Hunchback, Insects in Space, Invest, Iron Lord, It´s a Knockout, Jinxter, Journey to the center of the earth and Jumping Jack.
Now there are 830 games on this page!

31.12.2000:  3 C64-Cartridges and 1 TAP-File are new on the Lemon64 homepage
Kim Lemon has 3 cartridges and 1 tape new on his homepage:
Moon Dust, Pipes and Space Action (Cartridges), Locomotion (Tape).

31.12.2000:  5 new C64-TAP-Files by C64 Tap-Central
You will find 5 new C64-TAP-Files by C64 Tap-Central. The games are:
- Cosmonut, Dan Dare II, Defender 64, Hole In One and Yogi Bear.

31.12.2000:  Gamesupdate by C64 Internet Archive
Following is new by C64 Internet Archive :
"Hektik", "Chameleon" (added .tap file), "Fire Track" (added .tap file), "Hunter's Moon" (added .tap file),
"P.O.D." (added .tap file), "Petch" (cleaner version), "Stellar Triumph" (cleaner version), "Tooth Invaders" (added .crt file), "128er Quickload" and "Nordig Power".

31.12.2000:  74 new game-infos and 36 new games by Stadium 64
74 game-infos and 36 games are new at Stadium 64. For example: Speedball, California Games, Super Scramble Simulator, Track&Field and On-Field-Football.  

31.12.2000:  6 new games by Gamebase
On the homepage you will find following new: Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego, Cyborg, Fun School 3, Fun School 4,
Trump Castle and Fire Ant.
Entries in database: 11700 (+224)
Unchecked: 1698 (-69)
Missing: 70 (-12)
Not 100% working: 81 (-2)

31.12.2000:  New update on this homepage
On this homepage are now 2061 programs. For further informations go under the left button New Games.
My special thanks go to Oddball für his super scannings from manuals and solutions, Jack Alien and HOK (Remember) for their fantastic Remember-Releases and Wilcox for his special-cracks of Tornado and International Sports Challenge.

31.12.2000:  New Update by Real-Amiga
7 new games are this week on the homepage Real-Amiga. New are the adveentures Kings Quest 5 (+ Handbuch) and Space Quest 3 from Sierra, the rolegame Wizardry 6 from Sir-Tech and the economysimulation Der Reeder in the ECS and AGA Version from Software 2000, the strategialgame Stratagem from Impressions, also in the ECS and AGA Version, the flysimulation Dawn Patrol from Empire and as last the erotic-adventure Emmanuelle from Coktel Vision. You will find also an actual version of WinFellow from 19.12.2000.  

28.12.2000:  Interview bei Koolpeople
Auszug aus dem Interview:
hallo volker! der vorhang hebt sich und du stehst vor 15.000 14-jährigen! wie erklärst du den teenagern das projekt, ohne müde belächelt zu werden?
=>normalerweise gar nicht. die meisten meiner besucher hatten selbst schon einen c64 gehabt und sind ende 20 bis anfang 30 alt. [ich selbst zähle ...

Das gesamte Interview findet Ihr hier.

25.12.2000:  Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year - your C64Games-team  

23.12.2000:  New update at Magyar Commodore 64 HQ
another day, another update at Magyar Commodore 64 HQ :)) the following 200 games were uploaded:
sagor, secret of the silver blades, sentinel worlds, sherlock holmes kalandjai, sinbad and the throne of the falcon, sleepwalker, sly spy, schwert und magie 5-8, soul crystal, space rogue (2x), spirit of adventure, starship andromeda, starflight, sunny shine, samber, samantha fox strip poker, samurai trilogy, summer camp, sceptre of baghdad, suburban commando, super cycle, shadow dancer, scooby & scrappy doo,
the search for the secret of life, sentence, the sentry, the shadows of mordor, shadow dancer, super hang-on, shinobi, shogun, super huey II, shuffle (2x), silicon fish, skull and crossbones (2x), skyfox,
slam-dunk, slicks, slide, snake mania, soldier one, space crusade (2x), space gun (2x), space dunk, speedy slug, space gold, spiralon, spitting image, spy hunter, squing, search for the titanic, street sports soccer, starcom, star crash, starglider, stellar 7, stone age, stoneville manor, stonophobe, star trek - the rebel universe, strip poker II, stroke world (2x), strip tavla, summer camp, sega grand prix, swiv (2x), spartacus, symbolica, synetic (2x), synex, synops, sanxion, s.a.s. combat simulator, savage pond, spacebomb, super cars, schatzsuche, scuba kidz, sea command - air command II, spindizzy, seafox, seaside special, sequel, sexacuda, sergeant seymour robotcop, safe-crackers, star force, super fruity '99, space galaxy, sga, sga II, space hit, shanghai karate, sheep in space, superhero, the ship, schizofrenia, shoikan, silva pod, superkid in space (2x), sir richard, skatin' usa (2x), skate crazy, seek and destroy II, superkid, skidz, sky run, slaine, slap fight, slither, superleague soccer, superman, space maze, smasher, submarines, space mission, supernova part II, snowman, save new york, soccer challenge (2x), soldier of fortune, solitax, sos im weltall, super oswald, super pinball, speedball, spermer, spacehunter, spike the viking (2x), super pipeline 2, spitfire '40, supermaze, spuk, the spy who loved me,
squash, squares (3x), super race, stun runner, super staring '99, the silver sceptre, star ship entry, space ship, sea search, space search, snow storm, sitting target, spirit tappers, super tact, stunt car racer, star dragon, steg the slug, sternjaeger, stifflip & co, stock market, star trek, strip poker - donna, stratego, stroker, super trucker, striker in the crypt of trogan (2x), star slayer, stack up, submarine, suicide mission, super soccer, super pac-man, sleepwalker, space war, stairways, switchblade, switcher, smash the windows, system-4, sysiphus, save your teeth!, the starlight zone.
Many thanks goes to Dohi [ / ICQ UIN 18051934] for this message.

23.12.2000:  GODZ almost finished
From the Website of GODZ:
'We are nearing the end of godz production. Everything is done, Music, Gfx, Code, AI, Its all there.
As we have played it to death we dont know if its to hard or not hard enough anymore we need testers. so to make the selection process fair we have a plan :) All you have to do is download our christmas greeting-intro. load it up on your fave emulator and follow the instructions, it tells you all you need to know!'

21.12.2000:  "HV SID Collection" Update #24 released!
A new Update #24 of High Voltage SID Collection is now available for download, with many more of your favourite SID tunes for you to enjoy.
After this update, the collection should contain 14,809 SID files.
This update features (all approximates):
630 new SIDs
21 fixed/better rips
4 repeats/bad rips eliminated
587 SID credit fixes

21.12.2000:  30 new C64-games by The Living Daylights
You will find 30 new C64-games by The Living Daylights. The games are:
20 Tons, BMX Trials, Dizzy, Dizzy Crystal Kingdom, Dizzy Fantasy World, Dizzy Magic Island, Dragons Lair, Eye of Horus, Fire Galaxy, Frosty the Snowman, Girls the want to have fun, Golden Pyramids, Gothik, Guadal Canal, Gyroscope 2, Hades Nebula, Hellgate, Hustler, Jet Boys, Jinn Genie, Key Finders, Kickoff 2, Shoot´em up Construction Kit, Star Wars, Time Zone, Two on Two, Verkeers Rally, Vincent, Volfied and Willow Pattern.
Now there are 800 games on this homepage!

21.12.2000:  New update at Magyar Commodore 64 HQ
another day, another update at Magyar Commodore 64 HQ :)) the following games were uploaded:
bite of the sorority vamps, downhill ski jump, project:stealth fighter, usagi yojimbo (2x)
I also added a newer sidplug and some news on the browser-based version of defender of the crown and ist sequel for the pc: robin hood: defender of the crown. it's in hungarian though, so never mind :))
Many thanks goes to Dohi [ / ICQ UIN 18051934] for this message.

20.12.2000:  vice X-mas edition
The new version 1.6 of vice comes with a bundle of new features:
-Fullscreen support (experimental)
-Fixed NTSC timing
-now parallel drives can be selected
-1351 mouse emulation
-improved support for hardware joysticks
-changed x64-icon ;)
-basic sid-player support

20.12.2000:  CC65 update
Ullrich von Bassewitz presents the new version 2.6 of CC65. The CC65 is a C crosscompiler / crossassembler for some 6502 systems, like the C64. Get more information at  

20.12.2000:  Only 9 days...
...till the fifth Out Of Order-party starts. The party will take Place in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach near Birkenfeld/Hermeskeil (Germany).

Date: 29th to 31st december

Cue: Satan Klaus

Telephone-numbers: 0651/9911419 or 06831/5582

19.12.2000:  New update at Magyar Commodore 64 HQ
another day, another update at Magyar Commodore 64 HQ :)) the following games were uploaded:
terminator 2, tangled tales, take down, test drive, teenage, mutant hero turtles, the three stooges, turrican II (2x), tai-pan (2x), target renegade, target, taxi, tetris (2x), thrust, thrust, time struggle, time scanner, time thief, tintin on the moon, tip trick (2x), traffic, the train, traz (2x), tough guys, time puzzle, the tracer sanction, tric trac, trick, total eclipse (2x), total eclipse 2, thruster ball, time crystal, tai chi tortoise (2x), trans-atlantic balloon challenge, trolls, trooze, through the woods, turbo the tortoise, turn it 2, tusari, two-tris (2x), tygus horx, task 3, tales of the arabian nights, tamer, tangent, tangram, tanium (2x), tank, tapper, thunder arena (2x), tarzan goes ape (2x), token of ghall, tonido, toobin, titanic blinky, tanker rescue, thunder light, time machine, timtris, tennis, terminal city, tetris+kikugi, die thurme von hanoi, thunderbird, tiger heli, theseus part 2, the thinker, thriller, thin ice, tilt (2x), target-x (2x), target-x 2 (2x), twin-down, twierdza, twinky goes hiking, top cat,tunnels of terror, terror of the deep, tombola pac, tracker, transaction, trigger happy (2x), troll, tron v1, treasure quest, time traveler 1 - ghost town, treasure tomb, titanic, terminator, time tunnel, twin cobra.
Many thanks goes to Dohi [ / ICQ UIN 18051934] for this message.

18.12.2000:  D64-Lister???
There, not only Brendan Reid (C64-newssite: Commodore Wire) was half surprised: On the site Hardworks you now find a fine tool called 'D64Finder'. It's a kind of browser for C64 diskimages. It'S true that there is already a considerable (bei erklägliche Anzahl = viele) numbers of such tools but these mainly work with DOS. This new program is at 100% a windows-program that is why it requires Win95 (better 98) and the Internet Explorer 5. In the following, some of the features are collected:
- multifile support
- Extended recursive OpenDialog with directory call
- 99% PETASCII -> ASCII converting
- ASCII textfile generating
- Upper/Lower -> Upper/Graphics char change-over
- Emulated C64 screen
- C64 screen is zoom - and scrollable
- GEOS file details
- Indication of GeoWrite texts including styles, font-sizes, format-details and photo scraps
- Indication of GEOS fonts, GEOPaint puctures, photo scraps
- GeoPaint pictures und PhotoScraps storeable
- Exporting functions for supported GEOS-files

18.12.2000: is back
After the (not bad) start of the homepage, which deals with remixes around the C64, it was gone after a while. You saw only a tip that the database was out of service. The site was adapted untill now and Nun wurde aber kräftig an der Seite gearbeitet und sie erstrahlt in neuem Glanz (diesmal hoffentlich für längere Zeit ;).  

17.12.2000:  New update at Magyar Commodore 64 HQ
another day, another update at Magyar Commodore 64 HQ :)) the following games were uploaded:
multris, munch, mr heli, mr do's castle, monty python's flying circus, moons (2x), mayhem in monsterland, micro mud, myth (2x), mad nurse, mensch aergere dich nicht, manchester united europe (2x), mandroid (2x), mark set go, mastermind (3x), megabrain, mercenary, mercs, metamorphosis IV, micro fighter, midnight resistance (2x), mind fighter (2x), mind games, mission on thunderhead, max headroom, mauern, matrix, millennium assault, master of magic, monster, muzzy zoophyte, mystery, miner 64, madballs, mad mix, madness, madness (2x), das magazin, magnetron, magic stone, magyk (2x), mask II, mask III, mix, magic kristall, mistero a villamartini, miss mind, midge-man, mind maze, missile busters (2x),
missile busters II (2x), mission impossibubble, matchbox, munchie, moon cresta, metro cross, moon crystals (2x), mean machine, maze eater, megadoobrie, mega molecules (2x), memorix, memory, memory, mermaid madness, metagalactic llamas, methodos, madam fifi's whore-house adventure, micro assassins, microprose soccer, matchmaker, mystic mansion, murder in the monastery, a mocsár harcosa
(english, hungarian), monsters!, montrix (2x), moon madness (2x), moonfall, moonshadow, match of the day, motocrash, move out (2x), mega phoenix (2x), mr setam lady killer, ms pacman, motor-way, maria whittaker's strip poker, mutant.
Many thanks goes to Dohi [ / ICQ UIN 18051934] for this message.

14.12.2000:  Advent on this homepage
Under the left button advent you can get a new c64-game every day.
Under the left button SMS you can send free SMS.

14.12.2000:  50 new C64-games and 54 C64-demos by The Living Daylights
You will find 50 new C64-games and 54 C64-demos by The Living Daylights. The games are:
Altered Beast, Alternative World Games, Asgard, Baal, Ballblazer, Bart vs. the Space Mutants, Cavelon, Darkman, Exterminator, Fire and Forget 2, Firefly, First Samurai, Freds Back 1-3, Galivan, Gaplus, Gerry the Germ, Hagar the Horrible, Hammer Fist, Hate, Indiana Jones 4, Joe the Whizz Kid, Judge Dredd, Juno First, Kennedy Approach, Kickoff, Kings of the Beach, Little Puff in Dragonland, Ninja Commando, Quickdraw McGraw, Rolling Ronny, Tarzan goes Ape, UN Squadron, Wasteland, Wrath of the Demon, Xiphoids, Yogi Bear, 3D-Waterski, 4x4 Off-Road Racing, 211b Baker Street, Mario Bros, Master of the Lamps, Merry Christmas, Saucer Attack, Scalextric, Seven Cities of Gold, Sex Games, Silkworm,
Street Fighter, 1000 Miglia Volume 1, 3D International Tennis, Apollo 18, Artillerie 90, Baby Blues, Batman, Batman Part 2, Batman the Movie, Beach Head 3, Bobo, Bride of Frankenstein, Buffalo Bill´s Wild West Show, Caverns of Eriban, Chamonix Challenge, Commando 86, Donkey Kong Nintendo, Dragon Skulle, Father Christmas, Frightmare and The Games: Winter Edition.
Now there are 770 games on this homepage!

14.12.2000: goes down
Andrew W. (webmaster of says us, that his hompepage closed.  

14.12.2000:  Emu64 befor starting!
Vice and CCS64 are probable the most famous emulators but not the only ones. On the site can be found information about the emulator EMU64 v1.11beta. In this time the program is in a test-phase - we are curious!  

09.12.2000:  New SID-Collection
Peter Weighill has released version 1.6 of the SID Collection called 'Compute's Gazette'. The current version contains 5224 MUSs, over 1100 STR files and more than 1200 WDS files. All this files were are avaible in two version PC and C64.  

04.12.2000:  5 C64-TAP-Files are new on the Lemon64 homepage
Kim Lemon has 5 new tapes on his homepage: Cage Match, Hyber Blob, Iridis Alpha, Scorpius and Slimey's Mine. New was his own Winamp-Skin.  

04.12.2000:  New Update by Longplayer
On the homepage Longplayer you will find new this month:
- Antiriad
- Dragon's Lair
- Enforcer
- Escape
- The Last Ninja
- Mega Starforce
- Soul Crystal

04.12.2000:  6 new games by Gamebase
On the homepage you will find following new: Zolyx, Shadows of Mordor (Update), Tai-Pan, Demons-Winter, Lapis Philisophorum (The Philisopher's Stone) and Major Indoor Soccer.

Entries in database: 11476 (+165)
Unchecked: 1767 (-83)
Missing: 90 (-4)
Not 100% working: 77 (-1)

03.12.2000:  URL of the StarCommander-Site
The StarCommander-homepage, home of the well-known C64/PC-transfer-program, can't be found under '' anymore. The other URL '' stays in service.  

03.12.2000:  D64-cabel, an alternative for the X1541?
As could be read from "The Vortex", this cable is an alternativee for the previous StarCommander+X(e)1541 possibility. It links the PC with the C64 and the 1541-floppy. It is plugged into the LPT-port of the PC and the two joystick-prts of the C64. Though you still need a parallel-cable from the C64 to the floppy.
With the help of these transmission-techniques. Times of 51 seconds per side are reached. Here it doesn't play any role if it's a copy-saved disk (for example Geos).
Further information can be obtained per e-mail:

03.12.2000:  New update on this homepage
On this homepage are now 2030 programs. For further informations go under the left button New Games.
My special thanks go to Oddball, Jack Alien (Remember) and Michael.

03.12.2000:  New Update by Real-Amiga
3 new games and 4 new txt-files are this week on the homepage Real-Amiga. New are first Sim City 2000 AGA, as second Sim Earth and as third Sim Life AGA. All games are german. Txt-Files are from the games Hannibal, Ishar 1, Ishar 2 and Winzer.