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Samantha Fox: Strip Poker

Va-va-voom, are you serious? We’ve all played videogames before, but it’s not every day that you get to play strip poker with the utterly gorgeous Samantha Fox. Although she’s a little outdated in the flesh, she’s forever immortalized in all her digital glory in the 1986 game, Samantha Fox Strip Poker. Is that name straightforward enough for you?

This sexy take on a classic game of poker was the brainchild of Martech who released the game on the Commodore 64 home console. While Commodore did have its niche, it was never really as popular as its counterparts of the day. Samantha’s presence definitely helped this out a little bit.

For most people, playing a game of five-card draw can get a little tedious after a while. Even if you’re playing new-age casino poker, you still need a little bit of something to spice things up. Nowadays with Full Tilt Poker Rakeback for example, online poker players will receive 27 % of their paid rake back spicing up their bankroll account every month. But back then a woman—gorgeous to boot—bearing all on your home screen was definitely an incentive to play the game and play the game well. The more often you win, the more articles of clothing are removed.

Of course, the game was designed strictly to tease any individual playing; not to promote actual poker skill. For instance, you could literally set your clock to the hands you’d win and the hands you’d lose after playing the game for a while. But if you stuck with it long enough, Samantha would eventually prove that no cards were hidden up her sleeves.

Any criticisms of the game would have to be limited to the graphics. Not that the game is something overly spectacular, but it was fun, different, and definitely entertaining. Younger guys owned the Commodore 64, and in a time without Internet and at a time you were lucky to have cable TV, Samantha’s overly-pixilated striptease was a coming of age for many gamers – something you couldn’t readily see elsewhere.

C64’s image quality is definitely no Sony 1080p LCD, but part of the fun was in examining Samantha’s fuzzy silhouette from various angels and distances to see if you had really won. While the game might not make anyone’s short list for the best ever, it is a classic and always will be.