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Star Commander v0.83 (11.01.2010)
Star Commander v0.82 Konfigurationsfile
The Star Commander is the ultimate DOS shell that can handle the image file formats of the C64 Software Emulator (© by Miha Peternel, 1994-1997), CCS64 (© by Per Håkan Sundell, 1996-2005), Personal C64 (© by Wolfgang Lorenz, 1994-1997) and VICE (© by the VICE Team, 1993-2005), it copies files and disks between the PC and a Commodore 1541/1571/1581 drive, optionally in turbo mode, and also converts several popular Commodore archive formats. It is a comfortable, user-friendly and fast giftware program with online help and is very similar to The Norton Commander (© by Symantec Inc., 1986-1995) and The Volkov Commander (© by Vsevolod V. Volkov, 1991-2000).

The Star Utililities v0.83 (11.01.2010)
The Star Utilities are external utilities of The Star Commander but are distributed separately, as well. These user-friendly and fast freeware programs handle several Commodore archive formats

MTAP v0.36 Kopieren der Tapes auf PC mit X1531-Kabel
MS-DOS tool for creating real tape files (.TAP files) from original C64, VIC-20 and C16 tapes using the Commodore Datasette. Requires you to either connect your C64 with Datassette to the PC using an X(E/A)1541 cable or directly connect the Datassette to the C64S tape interface. *NEW* You can also use a C16/C116/Plus4-style 1531 (black) datassette using the x1531 tape connector. (Version 0.36, 09-Jun-02)

PTAP v0.36 Kopieren der Tapes auf C64 mit X1531-Kabel
MS-DOS tool for playing back .TAP files to real tapes for use with an actual Commodore 64 machine. Requires the C64S tape adapter. *NEW* Supports X(E/A)1541 cables via TAPSERV and also works for C16/Plus4 TAPs now (no halfwaves yet). (Version 0.36, 08-Jun-02)

Mnib v0.35
Mnib is a disk transfer program designed for copying even copy protected original disks into G64 and D64 disk image formats.



64COPY V4.44 (1148 KB)


Sid Player (447 KB)
CCS Sid Player / DOS (333 KB)
CCS Sid Player / WIN (295 KB)


WinAmp Homepage
Sid Plugin & C64 und C128 Skins (395 KB)

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